Haspengouw, a rich past

Tongeren, oldest city of Belgium

Tongeren is the largest continuous archaeological complex of the Low Countries. You´ll still find traces of the Romans everywhere!

Sint-Truiden, religious monument city

Sint-Truiden, the centre of the spiritual heritage in Haspengouw, is the largest monument city of Limburg and the sixth largest in Flanders.

Bilzen, heart of the castle landscape

Bilzen is best known as the home base of the Landcommandery Alden Biesen, but it is also a very pleasant town along the Demer river with nice shops.

Borgloon, Loon town

Borgloon is the highest-situated historical town of Flanders. With Sint-Truiden it forms the heart of the fruit-growing region.

Riemst, in the heart of the marl landscape

Riemst forms part of the marl landscape, as can be seen from the many marl caves and underground tunnel networks.

Other Haspengouw treasures

The rich historical past of Haspengouw is still manifestly present. Even outside Tongeren, Bilzen, Sint-Truiden… there remain other Haspengouw treasures to discover.

En route along the rich past

On foot or by bicycle? These routes guide you along the rich past of Haspengouw. Discover the villages, religious monuments, castle parks…
Staying in Haspengouw


Staying in Haspengouw

Haspengouw has a wide range of accommodations, both in the cities and in the country. Choose from B&B´s, small hotels, courtyard farms, castles ...