Water fun in the Maasland

The water-abundant Maasland offers many recreational possibilities. Kayaking, sailing, boating, swimming, water skiing… Water fun à volonté.

Attractions in the Maasland

In the Maasland you combine nature and pleasant villages: the capricious Meuse river, the string of Meuse villages, charming small markets and interactive museums.

Actively experiencing the Maasland

Cycling, walking, observing water birds, boating, angling, swimming, kayaking, just taking it easy… In the Maasland, everyone can have a wonderful time.

Pictures of the Maasland

Check out videos of the Maasland here.

Staying overnight in the Maasland

The tourist advantages of the Maasland are unlimited and boundless! Too many to discover in a single day, so your best bet is to turn your visit into a longer stay.

Events in the Maasland

Exhibitions in museums, festivals, nocturnes, concerts, small markets or fairs… You´ll find all the events in the Maasland here.

Information offices in the Maasland

Need some extra information? Want to buy tourist maps? Or do you want to find the information office closest to you? You´ll find an overview of all information offices here.

The Meuse Valley River Park

Discover this nature park with the Meuse river in the leading role. Here you´ll encounter rare plants, water and migratory birds. A landscape that positively invites you to take restful walks.