Voer region

Staying in the Voer region

The Voer region has a wide range of accommodations. Choose from B&B´s, small hotels, courtyard farms, camp grounds, holiday residences or hostels.


Plus d’infos sur la région de la Voer

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Active in the Voer region

The Voer region offers magnificent nature and rural villages. The walking route network points the way, or cycle via the cycle junctions to the villages.

Attractions in the Voer region

The Voer´s wealth of architectural, landscape, historical and popular cultural heritage is a result of the many centuries of habitation of this region.

Pictures of the Voer region

Check out videos of the Voer region here.

Events in the Voer region

You can walk endlessly in the Voer region, as you’ll see from the many theme walks. Or do you prefer to visit an educational nature exhibition?

Information offices in the Voer region

Need some extra information? Want to buy tourist maps? Or do you want to find the information office closest to you? You´ll find an overview of all information offices here.